Safe and Happy Campus STUDENT’S BEST INTEREST it’s has been our continuous strive to make our students comfortable in our campus and inspire them to fully focus in their future. We start our day with our morning meditation to energize and begin the day with a sound and a healthy mind. Our 24X 7 Security Services along with CCTV all around the campus is installed to bring a safer ambience for our students. We strongly reject the idea of any form of corporal punishment to our students rather we believe in teaching values to our students for self- Discipline and moral development. Our Child Friendly faculty follows joyful and activity based approach to teach our students. We inspire diversity in school by celebrating all the major festivals along with our students. We have been very successful in making this campus a CHILD FRIENDLY CAMPUS

21st Century Skills

Our promises are shown in the performance of our students. SYNERGY NATURAL SCHOOL is proud to inform that we have 100% PASS PERCENTAGE in our SSC Examinations. Our students has qualified various District and State level academic examinations. We follow State Board Curriculum and our approach is to teach our students through constructivism. As the saying goes, we teach today for an unknown tomorrow, We in SYNERGY NATURAL SCHOOL focus on 21st Century Skills like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, Information Literacy, Student Leadership and Social Skills. Along with the 21st Century Skills some of the core skills we focus are Reading, Creative Writing, Analytical and Scientific Thinking. Last 1 decade, the changes we saw in our society has revolutionized our life. We need to prepare our students for an unpredictable and changing world, Thus we in SYNERGY NATURAL SCHOOL strive to build a new community of citizens who can adapt this changes and also can innovate and invent for a better tomorrow in a new world.

Cultural Integration

Our school aspire to celebrate the rich diversity of our Great Nation. We would like to train our students to appreciate this richness and also carry this legacy ahead for generations to come. This is the reason why we celebrate all the festivals in our schools along with our students. We sensitise the next generation to appreciate and be sensitive to all the different diverse culture of our Motherland by giving them the knowledge and understanding of various different traditions and cultural. All these activities are also a platform to build STUDENT LEADERSHIP. We encourage the students to actively participate and perform various forms of arts in this platform. Thus we integrate, “A rich and diverse Culture with our Student Learning”.